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We supply products from our farming partners in Vietnam, via sea-freight or air-freight. 

All products are Grade "A" quality and sorted, packed and shipped within 48 hours of harvesting.

Shipments to Europe and the Americas are via airfreight using environmentally chilled airfreight containers.  We only use world re-known schedule airlines to ship.  We also ship to Asia-Pacific either airfreight or sea freight containers.

If you would like more information on our farming products? Why not drop us an email and send us your details. We are supporters of the fair trade foundations.

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Commodities Global Group is the exclusive Asia Pacific agent for the Valla Spa Italian manufactured "Pick & Carry" cranes.

  Valla are the world leaders in “Pick and Carry” cranes and have been in business since 1945.

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Commodities Global Group is an importer of a myriad of pre-packaged food and beverages.

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We are quickly moving toward the position of becoming a global player in the Energy market, through our unique hands on approach and service from mine to market, supplying high quality steam coals directly from our mining partners who are located in East, South and Central Kalimantan.

We supply various grades of Steam Coal from 5,100Kcal/kg GVC to 6,500kcal/kg GVC with specifications varying. Other grades are available.                                                                          

We are actively looking for new opportunities for ourselves and our partners to invest upstream and long-term agreements into end users.

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