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Steam Coal

Coal is the largest source of energy in the world for generation of electricity and is used as a basic energy source in many industries, including steel, cement and paper.

If it were not for coal we would all find ourselves in an energy crisis with no way out and it has been projected that an increase of the worlds coal consumption is set to rise to a massive 74 percent from 2006 to 2030 and here at The Commodities Global Group we are ready to help support and supply that growth.

The Commodities Global Group is moving toward the position of becoming a global player in the Energy Sector through our unique hands on approach and service from mine to market, supplying high quality steam coals directly from our mining partners who are located in East, South and Central Kalimantan. Steam Coal is Commodities Global Groups biggest market.

We have built strong, reliable business networks and relationships with key Coal Mines and through our passion and determination to succeed and supply high quality performance coals with Low Ash and Low Sulphur content, we are able to supply them to you at a highly competitive price.          

We pride ourself on performance in business and earn a large portion of our business through referral and word of mouth. We believe in offering a service that sets us apart from our competitors, offering Quality, Integrity and Service as our focal point.                                                                                

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Energy Solutions

The Commodities Global Group supply all grades of high efficiency, high quality Steam Coals to companies and end users working in the Power, Steel, Cement and Paper industries. With key contracts in place with reputable and reliable single source Coal Mines in Indonesia, we pride our success on quality and integrity. We do exactly what we say we will do, "Service & Deliver."



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